2013 vintage
Typically very light, this wine often tastes of grass and apple, and has a soft, smoky flavor. Sauvignon Blancs tend to be crisp and acidic, which make them a nice match for cream- or oil-based sauces.

Meat Pairings
White meats including Chicken, Pork Chop and Turkey. Fish including Tilapia, Sea Bass, Perch, Sole, Haddock, Trout, Cod, Redfish, Halibut, Snapper, Mussels, Crab, Lobster, and Clams.

Spices and Herbs
Green herbs including Parsley, Basil, Mint, Tarragon, Thyme, Fennel, Dill, Chives, and Rosemary. Spices including White Pepper, Coriander, Fennel, Turmeric, and Saffron.

Cheese Pairings
Look for softer more briny and sour cheeses like Goat’s milk cheese, Yogurt, and Creme fraiche.

Vegetables & Vegetarian Fare
Saute green veggies or mix vegetables in more fatty vegetarians’ dishes so that the acidity of the wine shines through. Here are some example dishes for inspiration: Asparagus quiche, cucumber dill yogurt salad, green hummus, white bean casserole with zucchini and white lasagna.


2013 vintage

This blended wine, the driest of the selection, was created especially for gourmets. He found the perfect balance between the fine and nervous Sauvignon blanc (60%) and the complex and round Chardonnay.

Aperitif, seafood, chicken or grilled pork, goat cheese, chocolate desserts

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