Pinot noir


Elaboration: Perfectly ripe and healthy grapes are picked in the beginning of October. Cold maceration is followed by traditional fermentation for optimum extraction of colours and tannins. During maceration the juice is pumped over once or twice a day for about 15 minutes depending on the desired colour. After pressing, malolactic fermentation is carried out in a vat. The wine is then fined to get a lighter colour and racked. It will be matured during 4 to 5 months and aerated from time to time to fix the colour. The bottling process is done with all respects to the wine with a slight filtration and nitrogen inerting.

Tasting: Shiny ruby colour, discrete aromas of cherry and black pepper. Fresh and tasty mouth with soft attack, a lot of finesse and a fruit finish.

Taste with:Aperitif, beef carpaccio, chicken tagine, blue cheese