georgian wines

Racha vinery region, Khvanchkara specific zone;

CATEGORY: An appellation controlled; Grape variety: Alexandrouli and Mujuretuli;

WINE TYPE: Red semisweet;

COLOR: Dark ruby;

TASTE: Harmonious, velvety, sophisticated, with pleasant sweetness fruit tones and varietal aroma;

MANUFACTURING PROCEDURE: Grapes are picked when sugar level is 23-25% and titrimetric acidity 7- 8%. While harvesting, damaged berries are removed and put into destemmer, then moved to reservoirs for fermentation, where pure culture of yeast is added. Fermentation occurs at 18-22°C. When level of sugar decreases to 7-5%, wine is cooled to 3°C to stop fermentation and filtered through textile filters to remove yeast micro flora. Then wine is cooled and stored at -2, -3°C.

TASTE WITH: Fruits, sweets and desserts.

Alc. 10,5 – 12%