georgian wines

Lechkhumi vinery region, Tvishi specific zone;

CATEGORY: An appellation controlled;

GRAPE VARIETY: Tsolikouri;

WINE TYPE: Semisweet white;

COLOR: Light hay;

TASTE: Fruit tones, varietal aroma and pleasant sweetness;

MANUFACTURING PROCEDURE: Grapes are harvested when sugar level is 22-24% and titrimetric acidity is 7-8%. During picking rotten and damaged berries are removed. Then grapes are placed in destemmer and pressed in pneumatic machine. Then must is placed in fermenting reservoir and add pure culture of yeast to it. Fermentation occurs at low temperature 12-15°C and when sugar level decreases to 7-5%, wine is to 30°C to stop fermentation, filter it to remove yeast. Then wine is cooled and stored at -2; -3°C.

TASTE WITH: Fruits, sweets, desserts.

Alc. 10,5 – 12%