georgian wines

Kakheti Vinery Region, Tsinandali Specific Zone;

CATEGORY: An appellation controlled;

GRAPE VARIETY: Rkatsiteli, Kakhetian Green;

WINE TYPE: Dry white;

COLOR: light hay;

TASTE: Harmonious, full, sophisticated, with developed bouquet and varietal aroma;

MANUFACTURING PROCEDURE: Grapes are harvested when sugar level is 18-22% and titrimetric acidity is 7.5-8%. After rotten and damaged berries are removed, stems and petioles are removed in a destemmer, and then crushed with a pneumatic press. After that must is moved to a reservoir and left there for 18 hours at low temperatures with sulfur. Next, must is separated from dregs and moved fermenting vessels with pure culture of yeast. Fermentation takes place at 12-15°C.

TASTE WITH: fish, cheese, vegetables and seafood.

Alc. 10,5 – 12%